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About us

The Restaurant

Since it’s opening in 1992, San Pietro restaurant has been the landmark restaurant in Manhattan, renowned for the healthy, vivacious cuisine of the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. The Bruno family history can be tracked back 600 years to Avellino, in Campania, wealthy landowners and noblemen who’s fortune had slowly been declining. By the time the Bruno brothers were born in the 50s and 60s, their family struggled to manage their farm and work. Looking to improve their fortune and share their produce with the world, the family came to America in 1976 and reside here to this day in order to continue their prosperity.

Our Family 

The Bruno family takes pride in every dish served at the table; infusing passion, love, and history in every plate and hoping to recreate their nostalgic memories on the forks of those who are eating. The Bruno Brothers: Cosimo, Gerardo and Giuseppe believe rich, authentic Italian food is an art that should be shared with the world. 

Our Secret

The Bruno Family has been growing olives in the Mediterranean climate of the Salerno Hills for five generations. The extra-virgin olive oil is certified by a European norm, guaranteeing origin and quality. The ancient method of grounding the olives is by large mill-stones and by using a cold press; maintaining the fruity aroma of the oil, whilst having an extremely low acidity. Our artisan olive oil health benefits are unrivaled and are a staple taste in our dishes.

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