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Welcome to the Awards Winning San Pietro Restaurant, proclaimed by the Italian government, media, and culinary organization as "The best and most authentic Italian restaurant outside of Italy".

We believe in wisdom of "Nourishing Body and Soul" derived from our Salerno ancestors from Southern Italy. We import 85% of our ingredients from provinces of Campania, Sicilia, Sardinia and Puglia, and we advocate a healthy, well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and low-stress lifestyle.


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Since its opening in 1992, San Pietro restaurant has been the landmark restaurant in Manhattan, renowned for the healthy, vivacious cuisine of the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.


With food that promotes longevity and nourishes the soul, San Pietro's menu offers a dazzling combination of sea and pristine farmland, with great selection of exquisite food, such as sea bass, earthy treasures of eggplants, risottos, black truffles, homemade pasta, peppers, tomatoes, and unique delicacies like the treasured mozzarella di bufala. 


San Pietro's elite corporate clientele attests on a daily basis to the warmly European values and sensibilities that San Pietro team continuously brings to its restaurant: a celebration of the simple, unadorned treasures of nature, maintaining the highest service standards possible, and treating guests like family.


The artwork of San Pietro’s dining room has been described as “the dining room in New York with the most atmosphere” by the New York Post. San Pietro’s newly modernized scenographic ceiling, the work of the architect Dante O. Benini, depicts a photograph of the sea at Sorrento’s sunset and gives to the venue an entirely greater visual and chromatic intensity. It was created by laser-cutting panels and its coating in a 18-carat gold leaf. Additional effect to the light is given through Swarovski crystal balls of various sizes with direct and indirect glows and refractions.

San Pietro menu embodies the the flavor of culture of our home town, Salerno, and it includes  many favorite recipes of Antonio, our brother, who remained faithful to his Italian tradition, and always refused foreign influences in his cooking.  He used only basic ingredients and fresh seasonal products, and In each dish he applied his vast culinary knowledge gained from his cook masters in Italy, with whom he always used to stay in touch.

Today we thank our brother for safeguarding our traditional flavors

and for teaching us that it is possible  to be successful by remaining true to one's self. Also, we would like to thank him for being tough on all of us, and for never letting us be afraid to stand our ground. Grazie Antonio!

Our menu is dedicated to our brotherAntonio, executive Chef and owner of an Pietro for 21 years, who sadly passed away in 2013

 Gerardo, Giuseppe and Cosimo

18 East 54th Street, Ny New York, 10022

(between Madison and Fifth Avenue)