All the flavors of bread, olive oil and the sun


Passata di zucca saporita   22                                                

Fava beans and chicory, hot pepper and goat cheese

Passata di melanzane con pomodori, burrata e basilico    25

Strained roasted eggplant with tomatoes, burrata cheese, balsamic vinegar and basil

Crudo di manzo con rucola e parmigiano   39

Thin sliced beef carpaccio with arugula, shavings of parmesan, lemon and extra virgin olive oil

Polpettine di carne con piselli al limone   32  

Veal and beef meatballs with peas and lemon

Polipetti, seppioline e peperoni affogati  32

Octopus, cuttle fish and sweet peppers drowned with dry sherry, lemon, ginger and garlic

Frittura di calamari e carciofi   30    

Pan fried calamari and baby artichokes

Cozze e vongole con fagioli e cavolo   30

Mussels and clams in vegetable broth, beans, baby kale and garlic




Zuppa fredda di pomodoro, con mozzarella e basilico   25

Cold tomato soup with mozzarella, oregano and basil

Zuppa di carciofi, e asparagi con pancetta   25

Artichoke and asparagus soup with crispy, smoked bacon

Zuppa casareccia di farro e vegetali   25

Legumes and summer vegetables soup with herbs and cherry tomatoes



 Salads and vegetables are the protagonists of any food discussion

Insalata San Pietro   24

Steamed wild salmon, yukon potatoes, string beans, red onion, sweet pepper, anchovies,

poached egg, lettuce and black olives

Insalata riccia, peperoni, olive, capperi e alici bianche   20

Curly endive, sweet peppers, olives, capers and white anchovies

Insalata di riso selvatico   20

Wild rice, watercress, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella with

white balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Insalata mista con zucchine, noci, mandorle e feta   20

Spring greens, zucchini, walnut, almond and feta cheese, lemon and extra virgin olive oil



Pasta cannot be left out of any important menu

Spaghetti alla chitarra con pomodorini e basilico  32  

The classic San Pietro pasta dish – spaghetti with a sauce of fresh cherry tomatoes and basil

*Tagliolini cacio e pepe al pesto di zucchine e guanciale   32

Tagliolini with sheep's cheese, black pepper, pesto of zucchini and smoked pork cheek

*Paccheri di gragnano con tre carni   35

Neapolitan rigatoni with fresh sausage, lamb, veal, tomatoes and basil

*Conchiglie con piselli, cipolla, pancetta e ricotta   32

Shell pasta with fresh peas, white onion, smoked bacon and buffalo ricotta cheese

*Rotelle con melanzane, pomodoro, uova e mozzarella   32

Wheel shaped pasta with eggplant, poached eggs, tomato, mozzarella and basil

Ravioli di bufala   38

Ravioli filled with buffalo mozzarella and porcini mushrooms, sauce of fresh tomatoes and basil

*Bavette del golfo   38

Linguine with anchovies, capers, garlic, shrimp and breadcrumbs  

*Scialatielli alle vongole e bottarga   38

Scialatielli - fresh homemade pasta with garlic, oil, clams and sundried tuna eggs

Buon appetito!

*We carry whole wheat and gluten free pasta


The adaptable risotto speaks many dialects

Risotto filante con funghi, mozzarella e pomodoro   32

Risotto with tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella

Risotto con melanzane e caprino   32

Risotto with braised eggplant, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and scallions

Risotto con aragosta e peperoni

Risotto with lobster and sweet peppers



Chicken is a versatile and delicious part of the Salerno culture

Suprema di pollo in crosta di parmigiano con carciofi e limone   46

Chicken breast seared in parmesan cheese crust, artichokes and lemon

Spezzatino di pollo incazzato   46

White and dark chunks of chicken with sausage, spicy cherry peppers and escarole


Beef, veal & lamb are always highly prized & lend themselves to a variety of preparations

Carrello d'agnello con crocchette di piselli e salsa all'aglio   60

Rack of lamb dusted with herbs, roasted, served with pea croquettes and garlic sauce

Nodino di vitello alla griglia con salsa di scalogno

Roasted veal chop with shallots sauce and asparagus

Battutine di vitello all'agro   58

Pounded veal tenderloin with lemon, capers and spinach

Battutine di vitello in umido con rucola e mozzarella   58

Pounded veal tenderloin with cherry tomatoes, onion, nutmeg and buffalo mozzarella

Costata di manzo con insalata estiva

Prime dry aged ribeye steak with string beans, endive and tomato salad



Fish makes an increasing appearance in everyday meals

Branzino in crosta di sale marino   54

San Pietro signature sea bass baked in sea salt and fresh herb crust, served with steamed vegetables

Filetto di sogliola con sughetto di fagioli e dadini di pomodoro e basilico   52

Lemon sole in a crust of fresh herbs and breadcrumbs, seared, on a bed of beans and tomatoes, garlic, basil

Salmone arrosto con ceci e avocado   52

Roasted salmon with a salad of sweet pepper, chick pea, avocado, lime and extra virgin olive oil dressing

Orata e gamberoni al forno con orzo pomodori e spinaci   54

Sea bream and prawns oven baked with spinaci, barley, garlic, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil




 Side dishes

Carcioffini alla menta, aglio e balsamico   22

Roasted artichokes with mint, garlic and balsamic vinegar

Spinaci all'aglio, olio e pinoli   22

Spinach sauteed in garlic, oil and pinoli nuts

Fagiolini al pomodoro, origano, pecorino e basilico   20

Green beans with tomatoes,  garlic, oregano, basil and pecorino cheese

Zucchine al salto con pomodorini, aglio e basilico   20

Zucchini wheels in garlic, oil, cherry tomato, basil and parmesan cheese

Veal osso buco alla milanese available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Formaggi italiani e domestici con pera, noci e miele tartufato 

Italian and domestic cheeses with fresh pear, walnuts and truffled honey


Zabaglione hot or cold with fresh berries


Private parties and catering available


 Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may

increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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