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Welcome to the Awards Winning San Pietro Restaurant

Since its opening in 1992, San Pietro restaurant has been the landmark restaurant in Manhattan, renowned for the healthy, vivacious cuisine of the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.


With food that promotes longevity and nourishes the soul, San Pietro's menu offers a dazzling combination of sea and pristine farmland, with great selection of exquisite food, such as sea bass, earthy treasures of eggplants, risottos, black truffles, homemade pasta, peppers, tomatoes, and unique delicacies like the treasured mozzarella di bufala. 


San Pietro's elite corporate clientele attests on a daily basis to the warm European values and sensibilities that the San Pietro team continuously brings to its restaurant: a celebration of the simple, unadorned treasures of nature, maintaining the highest service standards possible, and treating guests like family.


The artwork of San Pietro’s dining room has been described as “the dining room in New York with the most atmosphere” by the New York Post. San Pietro’s newly modernized scenographic ceiling, the work of the architect Dante O. Benini, depicts a photograph of the sea at Sorrento’s sunset and gives to the venue an entirely greater visual and chromatic intensity. It was created by laser-cutting panels and its coating in a 18-carat gold leaf. Additional effect to the light is given through Swarovski crystal balls of various sizes with direct and indirect glows and refractions.

We believe in wisdom of "Nourishing Body and Soul" derived from our Salerno ancestors from Southern Italy. We import 85% of our ingredients from provinces of Campania, Sicilia, Sardinia and Puglia, and we advocate a healthy, well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and low-stress lifestyle.


San Pietro menu embodies the the flavor of culture of our home town, Salerno, and it includes many favorite recipes of Antonio, our brother, who remained faithful to his Italian tradition, and always refused foreign influences in his cooking. Antonio only used basic ingredients and fresh seasonal products. In each dish, he applied his vast culinary knowledge gained from his cook masters in Italy, with whom he always used to stay in touch.

Today, we thank our brother for safeguarding our traditional flavors and for teaching us that it is possible to be successful by remaining true to one's self. Also, we would like to thank him for being tough on all of us, and for never letting us be afraid to stand our ground. Grazie Antonio!

Our menu is dedicated to our brother Antonio, executive Chef and owner of San Pietro for 21 years, who sadly passed away in 2013.




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The Bruno family history can be tracked back 600 years to Avellino, in Campania, when they used to be wealthy landowners and noblemen whose fortune had been declining. By the time the Bruno brothers, Antonio, Gerardo, Giuseppe and Cosimo, were born in Salerno in the 50s and 60s, their parents were struggling to manage their farm and work at restaurants. Looking to improve their fortune, the family came to America in 1976.


After years, Brunos became a modern-day, immigrant success story. Mamma Artemisia Bruno always said that her children were the biggest part of her heart and a "lifetime sacrifice." When mother Artemisia  and father Gaetano felt that their young sons were secure, they returned to Salerno. The four brothers worked tirelessly to learn the restaurant business while maintaining the dream of one day opening a restaurant in New York City.


In 1984, the family opened "Sistina" on 2nd Avenue and 81st street, now managed by Giuseppe Bruno. Not long after, in 1992, San Pietro opened at 18th East 54th Street. And, their newest edition is called "Caravaggio" opened in 2009 at 23 East 74th Street,

In 2011, the Bruno's knowledge and passion for wine was turned into a wine shop "San Pietro Wines and Spirits," located in Tuckahoe, NY, which caters to the same high clientele of San Pietro restaurant, where all the wine critics get together on a monthly basis for new discoveries.  Lucia and Francesco Bruno supervise the wine shop.






Gerardo Bruno

Gerardo Bruno has been the co-owner with his brothers, of San Pietro restaurant. He has remained faithful to his mission of promoting the authentic, historic cuisine of southern Italy, with its simple ingredients, classic food combinations and natural good looks.


He graduated from Salerno Institute in 1975 with a degree in Hotel Administration. Appearing on Food Network and quoted in virtually every important culinary publication. He is the member of Accademia Italiana della Cucina and various other prominent culinary associations.

Cosimo Bruno



Cosimo Bruno is the co-owner, with his brothers, and Sommelier, of San Pietro restaurant, since its opening in 1992. 

Born in Italy, he immigrated to the States in 1974 with his brothers, and opened up their first restaurant "Sistina" in 1984. After few years they opened Caravaggio restaurant on the Upper East side of Manhattan. 


With over thirty years of experience in the wine and food industry, Cosimo brings a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge to the restaurants. Cosimo leads the organization in maintaining the highest hospitality standards, guest services and front-of-house operations, and works closely with the Executive Chef to ensure a high-standard of excellence in the overall  guest experience.


Cosimo says “I chose to pursue a career in the world of hospitality, while I was helping my older brother, Executive Chef Antonio Bruno. His passion for food was so contagious, and I soon found myself enthusiastic in the restaurant environment, helping and interacting with guests, staff, and vendors server.”

Cosimo is a Certified Sommelier, and member of the Italian and American Sommelier Association.





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Our Sister Restaurants: Sistina  and Caravaggio








Our Olive Oil Farm, Tenuta Pazzulli, Salerno Italy


The Bruno family has been growing olives in the Mediterranean climate of the Salernitan Hills for five generations. Gaetano Bruno, the father of Antonio, Gerardo, Giuseppe Cosimo, and Nicla,  produced oil most of his life. His uncompromising standards and passion for food inspired him to craft olive oil made from only the finest ingredients. His daughter, Nicla, continues the family tradition.

The Tenuta Pazzulli is located in the Salernitan Hills, at 150 meters from sea-level, just a few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, where the soil and climatic conditions  are ideal to produce a top quality extra virgin olive oil that captures the rich flavors of its origins. Nicla supervises all the steps in making olive oil, from  growing olive trees, to picking the olives by hand, bringing to the press, packaging and shipping to New York exclusively for her brothers' restaurants.

The extra-virgin olive oil is certified by a European norm guaranteeing origin and quality. The ancient method of grounding the olives by large mill-stones and cold press it let the olives release all of their fruity aroma maintaining an extremely low acidity. The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals more benefits nearly every day

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